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What Life Is Like With Long Hair

I have had long hair since I was a kid, except I kept it about in the middle of my waist and hip, but once I had turned 12 I decided to grow my hair out even more (that's a complete lie, I was actually just too lazy to get my hair cut :P) and so 2 years later my hair is a couple inches past my hip and I have learned a lot about having truly long hair. And now I am going to share my experience with the world, both the struggles and the awesomeness!

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D.I.Y Face Spray 3 Ways – Witch hazel, Aloe vera and Rose water

These 3 easy face sprays each have there own unique benefits and uses. Witch hazel is fantastic for preventing and reducing acne and inflammation, aloe vera is great for sensitive skin and rose water is perfect for normal daily use. Plus all of these face sprays double as makeup setting sprays as well.