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Fermented Rice Water For Hair – The Secret To Long & Healthy Hair

Fermented Rice Water For Hair

Fermented rice water has been used by Chinese and Japanese ancestors for centuries and is extremely beneficial for hair. By letting the rice sit in water and ferment, the water gains a large amount of minerals, vitamins and beneficial bacteria. The main 4 things that this rich water does are:

#1 Strengthen and detoxify:

The first time I used this rice water, my hair felt MUCH softer and stronger, but also a bit dryer – this is normal detoxification process and should be expected the first or second time you use the rice water. It means your hair is getting cleansed and detoxified, and will come back stronger, shiner and softer then ever before!

#2 Soften and shine:

As mentioned above, when I used rice water for the first time, I could feel the difference in my hair immediately. It got softer and softer with each use, and I also noticed, it got much shiner after a couple of uses. Since rice water also strengthens, it will help reduce frizz too.


It’s like this:

  • Stronger hair = Less breakage
  • Less breakage = Less little short strands of hair
  • Less little short strands of hair = Less frizz.

#3 Protect:

One of the #1 reasons rice water is so helpful is because it adds a 2nd protective layer to your hair. Your hair has it’s own protective layer, but by adding a second layer of protection you can prevent split ends, breakage, afternoon sun damage and a lot of other damages.

#4 Stimulate growth:

I know a lot of  people can’t grow their hair long, – either they get split ends, it becomes frail or it just does not grow. There can be a lot of reasons, but most can be solved with rice water, especially if it is just a problem of it not growing. Rice water strongly stimulates STRONG AND HEALTHY hair growth, – not thin and frail strands of hair, but strong, soft, shiny and healthy hair, even more so if you use rosemary essential oil with it! If you don’t already know, rosemary is the #1 natural hair growth boosting essential oil.

Now that we covered what rice water does, lets look at shampoos and conditioners:

Have you ever looked at the back of a commercial shampoo or conditioner bottle? Well if you have then you probably know that 90% of the ingredients on the back are things a normal person can’t even pronounce, – and most of those are toxic chemicals. Some commercial shampoos and conditioners even use ingredients made from… wait for it… petroleum! Yes, petroleum, the black liquid that they pull out of the ground and use to make both gasoline and some plastics! Scary isn’t it? The best way to avoid things in shampoos and conditioners like petroleum byproducts and chemicals is to use a natural shampoo and conditioner and research the ingredients that you don’t know or understand. My 3 recommended companies are: #1 Griffin Remedy, around $10 per bottle, #2 100% Pure, $20 – $33 per bottle and #3 Morrocco Method, $5 – $29 per bottle. I personally use 100% Pure Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Why use spring water and not tap for your rice water? Well, it’s simple, most tap water has a large amount of chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals in it and those can be very damaging to your hair, so obviously you don’t want to soak your hair in it. That’s why either distilled, filtered or spring water should be used since they are naturally clean and have no added chemicals.



  • 1 cup organic brown rice (You can also use white rice, but it’s not as effective)
  • 4 cups spring water, plus extra for washing (Do not use tap – read more above about the reasons why)
  • 1 – 2 drops of essential oil (optional)

Rice water preparations:

  1. Start by washing 1 cup of organic brown rice twice with spring water, then in a large jar add the washed rice and 4 cups of spring water.
  2. Cover the mouth of the jar with cling wrap and lay a towel over the jar to block out light. Leave this on a open counter top for 24 hours. DO NOT place in direct sunlight or in hot areas.
  3. After 24 hours uncover the rice water and strain into a large bowl (when I say large I mean LARGE), the rice water should have a sourish smell. Optional: Add 1 – 2 drops of essential oil to the rice water and swish it around to combine.


Note: Before soaking detangle and brush out your hair and make sure to have a small towel and cup on hand.

  1. Submerge as much hair as you can into the bowl of rice water, then use a cup to pour rice water on your scalp and the rest of your hair. While doing this make sure to keep your head above and close to the bowl so that the rice water does not spill everywhere, I even put my entire head in the bowl sometimes.
  2. Once all of your hair is wet, transfer some rice water to a cup and put the ends of your hair in it to soak, leave your hair like this for 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes have passed drain the rice water and wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Let air dry.

    When and how long to use rice water:

      To repair damaged, dry or unhealthy hair, use rice water 1 – 2 times a week for 1 – 2 months.

      To stimulate hair growth
      , use 1 – 2 times a week until your hair is as long as you want.

      For all ready healthy hair, use after hair cuts (to add that 2nd protective layer back) and whenever your hair starts to feel dry, brittle or thin.

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