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Top 4 Makeup Hacks

#1 Set Your Eyebrows With Hair Spray

Using hair spray to set your eyebrows works fantastically, it holds them in place but does not feel heavy and is really easy to use, just spray a bit of hair spray onto your finger or eyebrow brush and apply to your eyebrows, wait a couple minutes for it to set and they will last all day!

#2 Using Natural Mascara For Darker Eyelashes

I have always use natural makeup and one of the things I have noticed is that certain natural mascara like 100% – Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara will slowly make your eyelashes darker, of course it is not instant but after a month or two you can see the difference. Most natural mascara will also help nourish your eyelashes not harm them like commercial brands.

#3 Use Concealer As Eye shadow Primer

I recently noticed that my eye shadow did not last long and faded very quickly, but I did not want to buy a primer, then I saw a post online about using concealer as primer, so I tried it and it works fantastically. Just apply concealer to your eyelid before applying eye shadow and it will last much longer and not fade as quickly!

#4 Use Lip And Eye Liner Pencils As Temporary Tattoos

Commercial temporary tattoos can be very harmful for your skin, a great alternative is to use a lip or eye liner pencil, you can easily draw any design on your skin and it will last for most of the day. If you want something a little more resistant then you can also use waterproof liquid eyeliner.

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